Bathroom Hand Rails For Handicapped People

YOUR BATHROOM IS THE MOST DANGEROUS ROOM IN YOUR HOME! 235,000 people are seriously hurt and rushed to the ER each year because they slipped and fell in their bathroom. It’s no wonder, with the slick and wet floors and tile even slipperier from soap residue, sharp corners of the cabinets and the hard porcelain tubs, sinks, and toilets.

SENIORS ARE AT AN ESPECIALLY HIGHER RISK OF SLIP AND FALLS AND BATHROOM INJURIES, this is why ensuring bathroom safety has to be an integral part of remodeling or modifying your home. Barrier Free Modifications offers a wide range of bathroom safety modifications…We install grab bars and handrails to insure you won’t lose your balance and provide a safe, accessible surrounding. Safety bars provide stability for everyone, including the elderly and those with physical limitations. It’s the most cost effective home modification we make!

Toilet safety is a simple solution for individuals that have difficulty bending, or getting up from a seated position, we can install a new 19” toilet and properly placed grab bars to insure you safe transfer. Barrier Free Modifications can also provide raised toilet seats and safety frames with armrest.

Grab bars provide that added level of safety and security when stepping in or out of the bath tub or shower. Grab bars don’t have to be obvious and stand out like a sore thumb to guests and visitors. Barrier Free Modifications offers a variety of beautiful decorative grab bars that can blend in or enhance your bathrooms decor, while providing you the reliable safety and support you need.

Walk-In Showers are a fantastic solution to replace that old unsafe tub. 1/3 of all bathroom injuries happen stepping over the bath tub ledge. That’s why at Barrier Free Modifications we offer beautiful and practical safe remodeling and modification options. We can install a standard ADA compliant fiberglass walk in shower system in 1 day if that’s what best suits your needs, or we can install a beautiful tile or stone,